Avoiding Common Naturalization Pitfalls

How Boundless can help you navigate the citizenship process with confidence

Simplifying Naturalization

We have good and bad news

Bad news first: The U.S. immigration system is a complex maze of forms and rules — and they keep changing. If you aren’t familiar with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website or the naturalization process — and most people aren’t — it’s easy to make costly mistakes that can cause delays or, worse, denial of your citizenship application.

But here’s the good news: Boundless can help you navigate the citizenship process, avoid common traps, and maximize your chance of approval.

Here’s how Boundless simplifies naturalization for you:

  • We guide you through every step of completing your citizenship application package.
  • An experienced, independent immigration attorney thoroughly reviews your application, including all supporting documents, and answers all of your legal questions.
  • We mail you the entire printed package, with clear instructions on where to sign and submit the paperwork to the government.
  • We send you timely updates and reminders from the moment you mail your completed package.

We offer you all of this — plus peace of mind — for only $395 (not including government filing fees). You can even pay our fee over time while making steady progress on your application.

Read on to see the many common pitfalls and problems that Boundless will help you avoid.

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Questions We Help You Answer

Do I qualify for naturalization?

Do you meet all the requirements to become a U.S. citizen? For instance, have you held a green card long enough, and are you a person of “good moral character” in the eyes of the government? Which documents do you need to establish your eligibility, and when do you need them?

With Boundless, you don’t have to worry about any of these issues. We help you determine your eligibility based on your unique situation and understand your options. If you have any questions, you can turn to your independent immigration attorney any time.

Did I make a mistake on my application?

The citizenship application (Form N-400) can be tricky to complete. The government’s detailed instructions alone are 18 pages long and filled with legal language that most people wouldn’t understand.

Did you provide the right information or enough information? Did you forget to fill in a box or send the wrong document? These days, even one minor mistake can jeopardize your entire application. Not to mention that there’s more than one way to file the form and more than one way to send it. The government even prefers a specific color of ink!

Boundless turned all of the government’s complicated forms and instructions into a series of simple questions to help you avoid confusion and answer the questions with confidence. Our advanced online application tool is designed to catch errors, and independent attorney review helps further ensure the accuracy of your application.

Do I have all the right supporting documents?

There are so many required documents. Did you include everything? How do you prove that you’ve lived long enough in the United States? (The U.S. government calculates the length of time you’re required to physically live in the United States differently than almost everyone would assume.)

Did you provide translations for documents not written in English? Does the translation meet the government’s standard for an “acceptable” translation?

Boundless spells out exactly which supporting documents you need. And you won’t have to copy or print your documents or worry if they’re in the right order. Your only job will be to scan or snap an image of your documents and upload them to your secure online account.

Did I follow the filing process correctly?

The application package has so many parts. Did you miss anything? Did you write your check for government fees properly, to the correct recipient, and for the correct amount? Did you sign where you were supposed to? Did you notify USCIS at the right time and with the right form if you need to make special arrangements for your citizenship exam that’s months away? Are you even sending your application to the right address?

Boundless prints out the required form and all documents and mails them to you in a beautiful package that meets the government’s precise preferences. The package comes with clear instructions, so you’ll know exactly where to sign and if you need to include any extra items.

You also receive an envelope that’s already stamped and addressed to the correct destination. All you’ll have to do is drop your package off at your local post office.

Am I doing anything wrong while I wait for the government’s decision?

Once you know how long you have to wait after submitting your application package, are you sure you haven’t missed any deadlines? Did anything change in your situation that the government should know about? Should you be worried that you haven’t heard from the government in a while?

Filing your citizenship application package is only the first step of a potentially long process, but Boundless stays with you until the finish line. We help you keep on top of the fingerprint appointment, interview preparation, follow-on forms, and every other important milestone along the way. We want to celebrate with you the moment you become an American citizen!

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